Yearly Theme: 2012 edition

Back in December 2010 , while preparing my vision, goals and objectives for 2011, the phrase "Best Year Ever" danced around my mind. It just felt right. And this theme "best year ever' became my guiding principal for the year, for the decisions that needed to be made, for the goals that I wanted to accomplish. The theme "best year ever" was my guide.

The hardest part was feeling the fear of what that powerful statement meant, and DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT MY BEST YEAR EVER.

I invested weeks gaining clarity around some key areas in my life (creating vision/goals around key areas makes writing life goals easier, clearer and more concise).

There were 2 main areas that had to change if I could honestly say this was my best year ever - turns out there were actual 3 changes that occurred.

#1 - Spiritual Connection - this is the year I fell in love with God. I finally understood Romans 8:28 "and we know in all things God works for the good of those who love the Lord"... there's a peace in knowing He loves and is constantly making lemonade from our lemons. I am grateful to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I encourage you, if you make only one goal for 2012, let it be to get to know God for yourself.....

#2 - End a position that was a great job for someone, just not for me. I had no idea how it would happen, when it would happen, but I knew if 12/31/2011 came and I was still employed at that position then my theme of 'the best year ever' would be unsuccessful - This position ENDED late July 2011

#3 - Travel time for me was small trips but this year I wanted to charter new territory! I DID! My goal was a vacation each quarter and I DID it! I went to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Cozumel Mexico and throughout FL. This was an awesome travel year!

The Law of Attraction teaches like attracts like. Before the year began and throughout the year my focus, thoughts and words were on 'the best year ever'.....and here we are embarking on 2012.

I challenge you to give birth to your 2012 vision....what is your 2012 THEME.
Here's food for thought:

  • Thoughts are things
  • We become what we think bout
  • What you focus on expands
  • Imagine, Believe...Receive
  • Every I AM is a creation
  • What follows I AM will come looking for you (and it always always finds you)
  • You are the architect of your life
  • Intention deliberate living is a recipe for success
  • Written goals are 100 times more likely to come to fruition than just thinking about doing something
  • Having a theme to your year increases enthusiasm, excitement, motivation and inspiration
See yourself in 2012 making your dreams come true, pushing through the barriers of life and finally achieving your true desires. Isn't it time?

What are you doing on 12/8/11 at 8pm EST. I'm hosting a NEW YEAR- NEW YOU - Picking your 2012 Theme call to help you take your success in 2012 to a new level. This event is FREE and all you need to do is call in at 8pm!

See you there!!

Here's to an amazing 2012!!!

Coincidence or fruition

Someone close to me has had a series of problems related to her female organs . It seems that this has come  up over the last couple of months.

This same someone  is struggling with weight issues and during this process she tends to use negative words against her body. Words that speak anger, frustration, hatred...... words like:
'I'm so fat and ugly"... " I give up"...."I'll never be able to be beautiful"...."I hate my body"....

It is said our yesterdays created our today, and our today's are creating our tomorrow's. Our thoughts , feelings and actions are continually creating our circumstances..... Is it any wonder my friend is dealing with new health issues?

In reading Rhonda Byrns "The Power" she speaks of the power of love, and how loving feelings can and will allow us to create our Ideal Life.....and the connections of our thoughts, feelings and's an excerpt:

You don't make a connection when you complain to a store person and then a few hours later you receive a call from your neighbor complaining that your dog is barking. You don't make a connection when you meet a friend for lunch and talk negatively about a mutual friend and you arrive back at work to discover big problems have developed with your major client. You don't make a connection when your dinner conversation is about something negative in the news and that night you can't sleep because of an upset stomach.

You don't make a connection when you stop to help someone who has dropped something in the street and ten minutes later you get a parking space right outside the supermarket door. You don't make a connection when you happily help your child with their homework and the next day you receive news that your tax refund will be bigger than you thought. You don't make a connection when you do a favor for a friend and, that same week, your boss gives you two complementary tickets to a sports game. In every circumstance and moment of your life you are receiving what you have given, WHETHER YOU MAKE THE CONNECTION OR NOT

If this is incorrect, that's OK. But if it's right.... and the answer is to love consistently and to feel good in all circumstances....what a remarkable way of life?

Speak love into your life continuously, it make take some un-learning, focused efforts and definitely commitment...but begin now and alter the course of your life....with your very words!



You hold in your hands a great secret........It has been passed down through the ages, highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. This centuries-old Secret has been understood by some of the most prominent people in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein- along with other inventors, theologians, scientists, and great thinkers. Now the Secret is being revealed to the world.

For those followers of the Law of may be familiar with the above the opening of The Secret...

I'd like to ask you 3 questions and as you read these questions, take notice to your feelings

1.What are you Imagining for your life? for your today? And how vivid, clear and real is this image ? How could you make this image clearer?

2.What do you believe is possible, probable and likely for you today....this week, this year, this LIFETIME? Do you really believe?

3.What action did you take today to make manifest your vivid, clear and real image? Are you speaking ehat you can't do or investigating what can be done?

3 questions that, if answered, will and must create awareness and possibly  new direction in your life


Coach Valj