Coincidence or fruition

Someone close to me has had a series of problems related to her female organs . It seems that this has come  up over the last couple of months.

This same someone  is struggling with weight issues and during this process she tends to use negative words against her body. Words that speak anger, frustration, hatred...... words like:
'I'm so fat and ugly"... " I give up"...."I'll never be able to be beautiful"...."I hate my body"....

It is said our yesterdays created our today, and our today's are creating our tomorrow's. Our thoughts , feelings and actions are continually creating our circumstances..... Is it any wonder my friend is dealing with new health issues?

In reading Rhonda Byrns "The Power" she speaks of the power of love, and how loving feelings can and will allow us to create our Ideal Life.....and the connections of our thoughts, feelings and's an excerpt:

You don't make a connection when you complain to a store person and then a few hours later you receive a call from your neighbor complaining that your dog is barking. You don't make a connection when you meet a friend for lunch and talk negatively about a mutual friend and you arrive back at work to discover big problems have developed with your major client. You don't make a connection when your dinner conversation is about something negative in the news and that night you can't sleep because of an upset stomach.

You don't make a connection when you stop to help someone who has dropped something in the street and ten minutes later you get a parking space right outside the supermarket door. You don't make a connection when you happily help your child with their homework and the next day you receive news that your tax refund will be bigger than you thought. You don't make a connection when you do a favor for a friend and, that same week, your boss gives you two complementary tickets to a sports game. In every circumstance and moment of your life you are receiving what you have given, WHETHER YOU MAKE THE CONNECTION OR NOT

If this is incorrect, that's OK. But if it's right.... and the answer is to love consistently and to feel good in all circumstances....what a remarkable way of life?

Speak love into your life continuously, it make take some un-learning, focused efforts and definitely commitment...but begin now and alter the course of your life....with your very words!

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