How closely are you living your Personal Mission Statement daily?

A few weeks ago, my partner went to a well known restaurant. She dined in and ordered a " TO GO" lunch for me. When she brought it to me I noticed the salad and fries were missing. Turns out, the restaurant forgot to complete the to go order.She called to seek an answer and resolution....This is now the manager handled the call

This manager 1st apologized for their he asked for the name of the person whose to go order was incomplete....He then asked to speak to me.....He used my name, personally apologized to me and offered to make it right, then made sure what he saw as making it right  matched or exceeded my expectations. It did...

Was this guy just having a great day, or was he living the company mission statement and his own personal mission statement?

One thing is certain- His actions have made me a Raving Fan!!!

Are you living your personal mission statement on a daily, regular and consistent basis?
Do you have a personal mission statement?
Are you beginning to realize the importance of having self chosen principles and directive as your daily guide?

Create your Personal Strategic Plan today!

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