A H.A.I.R.Y. 2013

6 sleeps till 2013 and all I can think about is hair!!!

Let me explain....

I'm Valarie Johnson, Certified Life Coach, MBA and Personal Strategic Planning Expert. My mission in life is very simple.....: To use my enthusiasm and creativity to teach and inspire others to use their own unique strengths, talents and abilities to live the life of their dreams....

And my dream for 2013 is to be do and have more hair....

Grow it! Show it! Long as I can grow my Hair!!!
Ok, if you know anything about me , you know I'm probably not raving about that stuff that sprouts out on our heads and other unmentionable places.... I'm talking about H.A.I.R.Y.

H- Hallelujah
A- Awesome/Awareness
I - Intentional
R- Rewarding/Revealing/Revolutionary
Y- Year

Let me break it down further
...HALLELUJAH is a word used to express praise or joy... not just an I'm happy kind of joy....but a spiritual, supernatural, awe inspired, I'm the Kings kid kind of joy... joy that resonates in your soul and rides up your spine into your throat, on your tongue and out your mouth kind of that exclaims THANK YOU for do apparent visual that connects you with the Great I that surpasses logic.....(I believe you got it)

...AWESOME is just that...inspiring awe, remarkable...the frosting on the cake, the money tucked in the birthday card....awesome! Awareness, knowing what you know on a whole different level, knowing and living from a place of purity (love) and easily living with this love awareness that if it got to you had to have gone through the king since you are and I am the kings son...

...All year I've been writing that Success IS INTENTIONAL.... think about the simple act of bathing, you can't even properly clean yourself unless it is can sit in hot water with soap sitting there to...but if that's all you still dirty girl (in my Whoopie Goldberg from Ghost voice)... and you have the right to be intentional in every aspect of your life...because if you aren't someone else is, and they don't deserve the right to script your life! That's your birthright! Priceless and not available to the highest bidder! Success IS Intentional you know the reward for eating fast food as your primary source of food.....death! Do you know the reward for living a life of boredom....death, many die at 30 and aren't buried for another 40 years....and rotting flesh stinks! So does rotting mindset, the late Zig Ziglar calls it stinking thinking.... Do you stink? ---I hope these words pierced you and REVEALED a darkside that needs to be released! Congrats!! now lets talk reward! What's the REWARD for intentional name it!!!! Think big, pray bold, and act intentionally! Let your mind soar beyond what is to what is (let that marinate) and imagine the rewards (goals dreams desires) that are ready to greet see, hear, smell, taste and feel them now...this year!

...2013 is your YEAR... it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is......and I'm not going to go back and forth with you on this either!

Make 2013 HAIRY friends!

PS. go ahead, lets be silly together- comment how you will make your 2013 HAIRY! - no razors allowed!!!               

Coach Valj