Before you read another self help book!

Reference (5 facts):

And FYI self help includes iLiving App, Health Supplements, Health Juices ..... life coaches, nutrition specialist, fitness experts, psychologist, authors, network marketers and more...
Here are 6 facts about the marketing strategies, profits and success of the industry.

1- Women are the new target audience: All right, maybe this little fact isn't totally surprising. But the intensity with which the industry prowls for female consumers — and virtually ignores male consumers — is still remarkable. If you count prophets like Oprah as major promoters of the self-help industry — and you should — many American women have become insatiable when it comes to New Age spiritualism, snapping up books like Eat, Pray Love and all kinds of products designed to make them look and feel beautiful.

2- Americans spent $11 billion on self-help in 2008: Despite — or even as a cause of — the recession, the self-help industry's profits continue to swell. Marketdata Enterprises released an $11 billion estimate for what Americans spent on self-help books, coaching and similar products and services in 2008 alone.

3 -"Self-Help" dates back to 1859: The term self-help may have been coined in its modern form in 1859, when a Scottish social reformer published the first self-improvement book titled, "Self-Help." But the idea has been around much, much longer. Many ancient cultures in India, Greece, Rome and East Asia created better living guides and touted principles designed to improve ourselves, from the Stoics to Proverbs and beyond.

4 - Infomericals pull in the largest sales volume: The most profitable sector in the self-help industry is infomercials — yep, you're not the only one watching those fitness or wellness spots late at night.

5 - Over 13 million relationship self-help books were sold in 2007: Yes, someone is buying those ridiculously titled self-help books you laugh at to your friends. In fact, 13.5 million relationship self-help books were sold in 2007.

Now I'm sure you've probably read many self- help books last year and may have a book list for this year....How do you measure your ROI for the time, energy, effort and purchase price of this book?

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I'm Valarie Johnson, Certified Life Coach.... my mission is to use my enthusiasm and creativity.... to teach and inspire use their own unique strengths, talents and live the life of their dreams....

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