Life’s big mystery… the THEY’s have been identified…

They get on my nerves…. They are always talking about me…. They said to do this! They won’t let me….I would do it but They stop me before I can even get started…. They always got something to say……They promised __________.

They never keep their promise…..
Breaking News: The famous THEY’s have been identified….
They…you know the THEY’s that have sabotaged your life for as long as you can remember…they are responsible for every bad thing that happened to you…

 Well, THEY have been identified, and boy are they clever…. This THEY tribe that seems to plague the entire world have finally been identified and their real names are about to be shared… Turns out THEY is an acronym….


Tricks for Halting the realization that Everything you notice, complain about or allow to block your personal evolution is really You…

You are THEY…I am THEY…THEY are TRICKS to keep us small…They are invented by you….- when negative they are tricks…. But did you know THEY were identical twins….meet THEY..
Treats such as thoughts, words and actions that Help you turn Every life experience (even those perceived as setbacks) into tools that thrust You into your amazing, powerful and successful destiny!

The common denominator: YOU!! –

You have the power! You have the choice, and now you have the awareness to choose where you desire to go and which THEY will accompany you…THEY set the course, you determine which THEY to follow….


Trick or Treat is a daily, minute by minute decision….



Cool LIFE Review

Write your life story in decade format... 0-10, 11-20, 20-30, 30-40...wherever you are in your age... then go one decade into the future....4 sentences a decade ...

During this decade my life was filled with _____.

I learned_____.

Because_____ happened to me I now feel_____.

When I think back to this time I feel________ (about it).


As you answer these comments, use them to see if you are really living or really limiting yourself...


Valarie Johnson

0-10: During this decade my life was filled with chaos and coping.

I learned how to survive and go into myself in order to survive

Because sexual abuse happened to me I now feel empowered to be an example of what happens happens FOR you, not to you provided your mindset transforms and you know God uses ALL things to elevate you toward his purpose for your life.

When I think back to this time I feel glad about it


11-20: During this decade my life was filled with change and plans and dreaming and setbacks that led to setups.

I learned the power of speaking something into existence and getting the heck out of what doesn’t work

Because leaving for college happened to me I now feel I can leave and go for it anytime!!

When I think back to this time I feel amazed that I even survived.


21-30: During this decade my life was filled with newness/defeat and incredible growth.

I learned what it means to have low self-esteem and how it has chased me all my life and all I had to do was turn and face it.

Because this attack of low self-esteem happened to me I now feel like a great champion of people to share with them how to defeat it

When I think back to this time I feel grateful for those amazing lows because the bounce back has been what I build my coaching practice on.


31-40: During this decade my life was filled with God’s presence and a newness or rebirth

I learned how God uses every experience in our lives to evolve us and when we accept this as truth we have a peace that surpasses all understanding

Because my growing relationship with God happened to me I now feel empowered, with healthy self-esteem, I feel like a thought leader in my circle of influence and I feel like every day is a gift to behold and LIVE!

When I think back to this time I feel ready for the next level.


41-50: During this decade my life was filled with manifestation of my biggest boldest desires

I learned to be led by God and to share my life with others.

Because the daily renewal (in Christ) I now feel like I deserve the mega success (spiritually, financially, physically and just overall in my life) I’m blessed with!

Coach Valj