Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.~ James A. Baldwin

A mask is a covering for all or part of the face, worn to conceal one's identity… When we don’t know who we are, we are constantly wearing a mask. This is the essence of constantly walking a tightrope unsure of whether we are coming or going because there is neither clear destination nor decided way of being. Why do we wear a mask that, intuitively, we know is not our true home? Do you find it easier to wear the mask rather than reveal the truth? Do you know your truth? Are you plagued with the fear of rejection?

Take off the mask…In every single area of your life you are called to be your authentic self. You are purposed to build authentic relationships with others who had the courage to take off their mask, and you the life you truly seek can never be wonderfully lived as long as the mask is worn.

Take off the mask… and embrace the wonderful you. If you are wearing a mask of “perfection” take it off. No one even believes you anyway. We long to experience the richness of you, naked you, real you, beautiful you…and you, just like the other 7 Billion people on Earth, make mistakes. The first mistake in history didn’t ruin the Universe, and nor have or will any mistake you make. You will still be loved, appreciated and cared about whether you try to live in the facade of perfection, or embrace the exquisite bliss of imperfection. 

Take off the mask of “over compensation.  This is running you down mentally, spiritually and physically. Understand the accolades you seek will never be truly satisfied through external praise. Deep down you know this to be true because at the end of the day of running around for others, you still feel empty, unfulfilled and sad…

When others see you, they may not see the mask , but you always see it, feel it and experience it… Let the world share in the goodness of you, without the mask.  As James Baldwin so eloquently put it,  you cannot live within it anyway. Embrace the wonderful, authentic, pure, lovely you… when you do so, such begins the hero’s journey of putting down the mask and embracing what is true…

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